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Community Commitment

The CCSA is dedicated to ensuring retailers meet their legal and social obligations to keep age-restricted products out of the hands of youth. To support the CCSA's ability to represent the industry and to demonstrate your commitment to your community the CCSA is asking retailers to sign the We Expect ID Code of Conduct.

By signing the Code of Conduct you pledge that you and your staff will not sell age restricted products to individuals under the age requirement in your province and to know and abide by the laws prohibiting the sale of contraband tobacco.

Did You Know

  • You have a legal responsibility to make sure age-restricted products are not being sold to minors.
  • Penalties for selling age-restricted products to minors and/or selling illegal contraband tobacco products may include:
    - Large fines
    - Loss of the right to sell these products

Code of Conduct Program

Once you've signed the Code of Conduct you will:
  • Demonstrate to your community that you are a responsible community retailer.
  • Send a strong message to the government that our industry takes age-verification very seriously.

The CCSA will provide you with a We Expect ID kit featuring decals and stickers that you can place within your store.

Education and Awareness Program

The CCSA offers the following free online course:
  • We Expect ID - providing you and your staff with information such as age-restricted regulation in your province, how to ask for ID and what forms of ID are acceptable.
  • Contraband Awareness - to help retailers and their staff understand the penalties involved if they choose to sell illegal tobacco products in their store.
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