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We Expect ID age-verification course

The CCSA's flagship program We Expect ID educates retailers and their staff on how to properly manage and sell age-restricted products. The interactive course provides information on age-restricted regulations in each province, how to properly ask for ID and what forms of ID are acceptable. To pass the course users must complete a quiz with a 100% score to become We Expect ID-certified.

Contraband Awareness

The sale and distribution of illegal tobacco products poses a serious threat to public safety and c-retailers in Canada. Funds gathered from contraband tobacco activities supply organized crime groups and the rise in consumption of illegal tobacco is one of the main reasons behind the steady increase of c-store closures. The Contraband Awareness course provides information on what contraband tobacco is and the penalties retailers could face if they choose to sell illegal tobacco products in their store.

Retailer Code of Conduct

Responsible community retailing is an important part of every convenience store business. By signing the Code of Conduct retailers will show the community and government that they take age-verification practices very seriously.